Summer Program for Teens

Summer Program for Teens

We are accepting 2 teenagers each week this summer to come to Jessica’s Haven and Rescue to help socialize dog rescues, and help supervise special needs participants as they wash rescue dogs, blow them dry and play with them. Our teenaged helpers will also learn the basics of rescue, care for the facilities, upkeep of the dogs, how to socialize the rescues, and where our rescue dogs come from, and who adopts our dogs. We have a craft room and generally showcase a craft activity every day. We request our teenaged helpers bring a summer reading book in case of downtime activity. They bring their own lunch.
Our Summer Program Hours are 9 am til 2 am Monday through Thursday.

We accept donations to continue to offer this program.

Our Program Director Laura Cottingham and Assistant Program Manager Diane Hutton will be overseeing this Summer Program.  We also have a high school intern from a local school whose community service project is working with our rescue dogs.




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