Karmel is pretty much the perfect family dog who needs a forever family!  He’s great with older children (8+) and loves to be part of the action.  This little guy is game whether its running around outside or snuggling up during reading time and everything in between.  He’s kind, gets along with other dogs (we have a large and a small dog), house-trained, good on the leash, great in the car, and crate trained.  He barks at the kennel but almost never at our home. The one exception is he will alert when folks are at the front door but he settles down fairly quickly.  He’s athletic and loves our hikes together, but could still use a little more socialization with strange dogs when he’s on-leash.
He’s pretty much the perfect little package and will warm your heart with his sweet hugs and handful of tricks (sit, stay, lay down, roll over and dance.) He’s definitely eager to learn, to please and to be loved.