This little guy is pure love and wants nothing more than to be loved in return.  Okay, well, he also would love a soft bed and and a blanket to snuggle.  He is the perfect house guest: sweet, quiet, potty and crate trained.  He gets along well with other dogs (our golden retriever and chihuahua) and all sorts of people.  He’s a little shy at first if he’s approached but will happily run up to meet new people and dogs.  He enjoys outings to the park and exploring the backyard but he is still unsure of walking along busy streets.

Nemo had a run in with a car which didn’t go well.  He lost his back left leg (we call it his “lucky fin”) which probably explains his fear of car traffic.  He has adjusted well to life as a tripod.  He gets along just fine with his three legs and nothing makes him happier than to hang out with his people.  Due to his small size and three legs, he would do best in a home with older children (10+) and one that will be able to accommodate his slower pace while still giving him lots of opportunities to socialize and play.

Nemo is a love bug who will give you all the sweet tail wags, snuggles and kisses you never knew you were missing.  One look into his soulful eyes and you know he’s someone special.

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Well, I’m a 1 year old male Chihuahua.  I may appear to be uncertain at first, but I will quickly warm up to you and yours! I enjoy rides in the car, often sitting in your lap, or with my dog buddies. I like walks on leash. At home, I like to hang out in my dog bed or on your lap, or with another dog. If you escort me outside on anice day, I enjoy being in the sun. I do better when either my people friends or another dog buddy is around. will play with another buddy dog! When its time for bed, I’ll crawl into my dog bed, preferably in the same room as you, and/or sleep on/in your bed!

In the morning, I will wait until youre ready to “potty” and feed me. Oh, and I only bark, when someone is at the door, or there’s a strange sound coming from outside, etc. I’ll show you my appreciation with wags and/or a mild stretch and stand to signal I want “up.” SoI don’t require much, just a lap, walks, routine and love! Hope you will take a chance and see what a truly faithful, sweetsilly, and cuddlycompanion I could be to you and yours! Thanks for reading about me.  

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Alvin is a 9 month old male, Boston terrier/Chi mix. Super sweet, playful, Loves other dogs. Alvin is good with cats, too! Crate trained, and potty trained, loves to snuggle and has a good appetite ! The will be a wonderful addition to your family

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