Mimi is a 4 year old female long haired Daschund.  A little shy at first but once she warms up, she’s super sweet.  This mellow little lady is good with other dogs.   She rides well in the car, loves snuggles and chewing on her favorite toy!

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From the puppy litter, adopted before getting on the website


What a cute, i think the ladies who adopted Gretel and one puppy has come back a year later and adopted Jack


Quickly adopted


Quickly Adopted


Puppies Litter. This is our little girl, 10 weeks old, Min Pin Terrier mix

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From the same Puppies littler, this is Wilber, 10 weeks old, Male Min Pin Mix.

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Our new batch of Puppies are here. This is Bobby, 10 weeks old, Male, Min Pin Terrier mix. So adorable!

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Ella is a long haired, Black and Tan Silver Dapple 4 year old Female Daschund. Everyone is Ella’s friend as she loves people, people, and more people. She also loves going on walks, riding in the car, and snuggling. Did we mention she likes everyone she meets? she is just a lovable addition to your family.

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