About Us

It’s our philosophy to be responsible for yourself, to be responsible to others, and to be responsible for something else. Jessica’s Haven plays on all three levels in a safe and supportive environment.

Hands on love is our motto for special needs kids working with our small dog rescues. It all started with a dog kennel that Laura Cottingham and Laura Hislop ( two Lauras !) took over in 2008 – a place where 18 year old Jessica – who doesn’t care so much for people, but loves dogs – could flourish and learn about responsibility and achieve a vocational skill that would help her personal growth. The “Laura’s” saw Jessica become a highly valuable addition to the dog rescue and dog kennel, and now have joyfully incorporated that into a 501©3 nonprofit for other special ability people like Jessica can live fully and purposefully.

We cater to dogs that need some attention, and part of the care and love these dogs need come from members of our community who have disabilities. Our special people of all ages may have trouble communicating, understanding instructions, are easily distracted, have certain fears, or experience physical limitations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide a rescue and haven for dogs that also provides vocational and social opportunities for individuals with disabilities. Our multi-programmed organization makes us versatile in our community to integrate our rescue dogs with the disabled to give both dogs and people a purpose in caring and developing self respect. Our community care includes assisting the elderly when they need specialized help with grooming for their dogs. Our goals are to teach compassion for dogs and for people with challenges while finding loving homes for our rescue dogs.