My foster parents would like my new owner(s) to know:  

Well, I may need time to “warm up” and adjust, but I’m worth the wait! I enjoy hanging out with my people buddies the most! I like rides in the car and often sit or lay down right away. I am learning to go into stores without too much reaction to other dogs. At home, I like to play with my dog buddies, play with my dog toys and enjoy being outside when its nice weather. I do better when either my people friends or another dog buddy is around. When its time for bed, I’ll hop up on your bed and lay under a comfy blanket or quilt and curl up next to you for the night.  In the morning, I will wait until your ready to “potty” and feed me, but I may want to sleep in a little. I will show you my appreciation with wags, “kisses”and a mild jump up to your legs when you arrive home. Once you sit down, I would like to sit on your lap or will curl up next to you. I will be very attentive to yours and others movements in your home, and may even follow you into the bathroom for extra company! (Some say I’d make a greatemotional support dog!) I rarely bark, except when someone is at the door, etc. So, I don’t require much, just walks, a routine and love! Hope you will see how attentive and cuddly a dog I am!  Thanks for reading!

Adopt Me!


Adopt Me!

1-2 year old female Chihuahua mix. 
Ellie is spayed, microchipped, up to date on vaccines. She’s also crate and potty trained. 

Ellie is a super sweet fun girl.  She’s great with respectful older children and seems to like all people once properly introduced.  
Ellie is fantastic on a leash and in the car.  She’s also good with cats and dogs! 


Pugsly is a 6-8 year old Male Pug.  He is neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.  He’s crate trained and his potty training is going great!   This poor guy spent his whole life living outside as a back yard breeder so he’s learning how to be an indoor dog, and loves it!   No more sleeping outside for this guy!  

Pugsly is a really sweet goofy little guy with tons of personality.   He’s great with dogs, cats and every person he meets!  

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Nacho is a cute little boy, and is very bonded to Sunshine. Here they are together, just a happy little married couple. They like to sunbathe, go for short walks, sit in your lap, and snuggle in a blanket together. They will entertain you forever. About 9 years old, and about 8 pounds each. *Need to be adopted together.

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Sunshine is the sweetest little girl, 9 years old, and is very bonded to Nacho. They are chihuahua mixes, and are about 9 years old. They are like a married couple, they love to sit on your lap, sunbathe, go on short walks and snuggle in blankets. They weigh about 8 pounds each. * Need to be adopted together!

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