Our Program

It’s our philosophy to be responsible for yourself, to be responsible to others, and to be responsible for something else. Jessica’s Haven plays on all three levels in a safe and supportive environment. Our clients present a wide variety of disabilities, or as we say special abilities. Many participants are highly functioning who can be hands-on with the dogs by holding, petting, washing or assisting in grooming. They may also do crafts, sweep, vacuum or fold towels. Lower functioning individuals, who might struggle to simply greet a dog, are closely assisted and encouraged to do what they can – and next time, try a little more. We have recently implemented a Visual Schedule for our participants. When a participant arrives and has signed in, they can find their name on the “Activity Schedule” we have in our Arts and Craft room. This allows the participants to visually look ahead and see what they will be doing for that day, decreasing any anxiety they may feel about transitioning into different activities. Our staff express appreciation and gratitude to all the participants for all the love and attention they give these dogs as they wait for their furever home. jh4